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The Controlsoftware

Milling, engraving, drilling, cutting, plasmacutting, dispensing, our controlsoftware with a standard PC makes a universal NC-controller. The progam runs on a standard PC and an axes-controller, together they form a universal 4-axes controller. The axescontroller is necessary because under windows no accurate realtime operating of the motors is possible.


CncGraf for windows in a short view

  • Choise of language: english, german, french, spanish, dutch.
  • Modern userinterface with pulldown-menus, replcable windows, icons, helpfiles, and mouseoperating.
  • Import of datatypes: HPGL, DXF, EPS, Adobe illustrator, DIN 66025, Excellon. Insertion of several drawings to mill in one workrun.

  • 2D/3D view shows the drawing, machine area, milling subject, milling area.
  • Zoom qaudrant, zoom milling subject, machine area, Pan, etc.

  • Texteditor.
  • Insert external texteditor.
  • Unit and scale by wishes for any datatype ajustable.
  • Go back and repeate function in the grafical reproduction of the 10 last steps.
  • Lattice and coordinates in mm or in inch.
  • Full 4-D processing of DIN 66025 files.
  • Scanning for hightcorrectioen, export and import of scanned files.

  • Storing of scanned files in DXF and DIN 66025 format.
  • Photvec integratable as a module in CncGraf.
  • Tracer, generating vektor texts or vektor pictures in CncGraf from windows text or from. black- and white pictures.
  • Exacte showing of time.
  • Starttime millingmotor in milliseconds.
  • Stopfunction for milling/drilling and continue milling/drilling (repeating vectors).

  • Radiuscorrection with graphical view.

  • Definition of sequence of tools, deactivating of a tool.
  • Automatic toolchange.
  • Tangential axe as 4e axe.
  • Optimising millingpath.
  • Toolmemory with two toollists for ajustment of tools.
  • Automatic move to the point of toolmeasuring.
  • Repeat function with z-axe correction.
  • Centering, copy, pan, mirror and stretching of drawing with the mouse.
  • Moving with keys, pendle, or moving relative or absolute.
  • Range control for all axes.
  • Automatic ajustment of the speed to the curveform.
  • Joystick ajustable.
  • Speed of millingtool ajustable for DIN 66025 or by the toollist.
  • Knifecorrection for cutting folie.



The controlsoftware behaves like a real multitasking program. This means that more programs can function simultanuesly. After the start of the milling one can go on with work like CAD-drawing on the same computer without any problem.


Easy machine control

Full control of the ajusted machine is possible with several functions in the software. The machine is manually controlable with the mouse and with a joystick. The difference in length with the former millingtool will be compensated by the software so the zeropoint will be ajusted.


Easy startup

The software will be fully ajusted at time of installation, startup can be done witout big problems. The connection between the PC and the axes-controller happens with an USB-cable and the axes-controller will be connected by a 25-wire cable with the motor controller.


CncGraf for windows


You receive CncGraf for windows together with the axes-controller.

(c) 2007 by Roman Systems