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The DRF3 has a workingarea of 400mm x 300mm and is suitable for very accurate milling and engraving. This machine is used much is the electronic industry. The DRF3 is fabricated by the highest standards for precision, stabilty and reliability. The accurate spindlemotor used for electronic printed circuitboards can mill from 0,1mm wide and traces from 0,2mm. This means two traces between two pins of an IC. Also fine SMD-technics can easily be produced with holes from 0,3mm. For the production of juwelery very fine engraving like text of 1mm hight is possible.


Workingarea 400 mm x 300 mm (15.5" x 11.5")
Resolution 0.0025 mm
Reproduction 0.005 mm
Spindel motor DC motor 28000 omw/min
Tool fitting 1/8"
Speed 100mm/sec
X/Y/Z control Stepmotors, precision spindles en lineair bearings
Dustcleaning Optionel
Millingsurface Aluminium plate
Size 600 mm x 420 mm x 250 mm (23.5" x 15.5" x10")
Weight 27 kg
Power 120 VA
Minimum milling width 0.1 mm (4 mill)
Minimum trace 0.2 mm (8 mill)
Minimum size of hole 0.3 mm (12 mill)
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