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CNC-millingmachine MC series

The MC series consists of a great number of horizontal table millingmachines and other special CNC-machines. The maximum dimensions are 2m by 4m (80 inches by 160 inches).

A couple of examples of applications in which of one of our machines, the MC100, proves itself on a daily basis: engraving of flat as well as curved surfaces (like sports trofees), construction of models and prototyping letters both in soft and stiff materials, cutting foils, woodworking and the production of advertising signs and maquettes.

All axles are driven by strong in-step or servo motors. The X-, Y- and Z- movements are realised by special linear bearings on hardened axles. This combination of axle driving and guiding enables our machines to maintain outstanding accuracy also at high production levels. The MC100 can be supplied with an aluminum , plastic or wooden millingsurface. In the millingsurface a vacuumtable can be integrated.

Because of our modular way of building every machine can be built to meet your specific demands. Please consult our price list for a number of examples of sizes and prices. Donít hesitate to ask for a free quote for any engraving-, milling-, or other type of CNC- machine you consider buying.

All machines can be equipped with options like a tool correction sensor, hight sanner, tangial cuttingknives, engravingunits for sportstrofees, vacuum tables and ?????.

Transport and installation will be arranged on request. We very much would like to do you an offer. Training in yours as well as our company can be arranged.

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